Innovation Quality Reliability Flexibility

Drives & Motors d.o.o. was established in 1994. It’s been over twenty years since then, a long time made of learning, developing, growing, bringing our customers ideas to life, developing and manufacturing our own projects as well as those owned by third parties, to become what we are today: a valuable and reliable partner in the power electronics industry worldwide.

Since 2015 Drives & Motors is part of the Italian “D&M Group”, led by D&M Holding S.p.A.

Our team of 30 highly skilled employees makes that possible, proposing every day high quality, reliable, innovative services and products solutions, keeping always a flexible and can-do attitude, with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Innovation, Quality, Reliability, Flexibility. This is who we are. Four pillars that we feel passionate about, that shape our attitudes and behaviors, driving performance excellence at all times. They support our goals and bring meaning to our work. Innovation, High quality, Reliability and Flexibility are present in everything we do.

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